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Your health, well being, body and mind matter. Are you fed up with conflicting advice, faddy diets, gym membership fees you donʼt use and health that could be a lot better, a mind and mood which could be lifted?

Or are you returning from injury or illness and struggling to find the right balance of nutrition, diet, exercise and physical therapy. Equally you could be fit, in working order but just wanting to attain greater results through some fine tuning.

Health matters

Thrive Today is where your health really matters. Emma has taken great care in providing a bespoke health and fitness programme for you as an individual. Finding and releasing structural problems with treatment, assessing your metabolic key through nutritional analysis, eliminating dietary problems and underlying antagonists to your health with blood testing, a full menu and diet plan, with carefully prescribed supplements before producing a supervised exercise plan, where your every move is monitored. This is a three month programme where you have Emma and a personal trainer on side, to form new habits and deliver a new way of life and living. This programme is intensive and if you are interested please contact Emma directly to ask about the Thrive Today programme.

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Professional Company Director SH

“I found out about Thrive Today from Emma when carrying out some work for her. I had realised some time ago that at a pound shy of 14 stone and feeling sluggish and lethargic that this was not normal and that I needed to do something about it. I had also arranged to go and do a 6 day ski tour from Chamonix to Zermatt and realised that if I was to increase my chance of success I was going to have to do something drastic to get me fit for it.

The first couple of discussions were interesting as Emma detailed what the 3 month programme was about, discussed my own and my family medical history and then took a blood sample to test for any food intolerances. I also met David Nowell Cook and he started to look at my existing physical condition.

On return of the blood test it was found that I had intolerances to egg white and yolk, yeast, salmon and trout. This on top of the 3 month detox away from dairy, wheat, gluten, caffeine and sugar was going to be quite a challenge as my diet had pretty much been a lot of bread, pasta and dairy products until then.

The first four weeks were pretty tough but I stuck to the diet with the vitamin supplements and got into the training regime with David and eventually it became second nature and enjoyable. The recipes provided for the detox are easy and they taste good. My lethargy was notably disappearing and I began to feel more positive.

Emma adjusted my alignment and posture during the 6 sessions and these also seemed to assist with my mood and general well being.

David gradually built up the intensity of the hour long training sessions over 3 months and after 24 of them the difference was incredible.

On completion of the 3 months I found that I had dropped to 12 stone 6lbs, felt fitter and stronger and generally was feeling great.

Emma provided advice on where to go with my diet and reintroducing foodstuffs that I had shown an intolerance to and I have been following it ever since. I don’t crave for bread and pasta any more and I know a lot more about food that I didn’t even think about before.

It is a fantastic programme that has helped me on the road to feeling fitter and healthier than I ever have in the past. I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone. All I need to do now is complete the ski tour!”

Mr L senior RBS executive

“This is without doubt the best investment I have ever made; sitting here reviewing my medical 9 months after I started, weighing 4 1/2 stone less, 40% less body fat, lower cholesterol and feeling a whole lot better I do feel slightly smug. The programme is hard but you learn so much I have found it easy to continue to on the journey after the 3 months. I would recommend it to anyone”