I was referred to Emma after a second serious back injury in 3 years. I was in chronic pain and taking an unhelpful amount of painkillers to get through the working day. I was extremely sceptical of what help could be provided given the amount of pain I was suffering from in every aspect of my life. Emma was able to instantly diagnose the issue and provide short term relief from the very first consultation.

Over the following weeks, under her expertise, I gradually moved away from chronic pain to moderate pain and then completely pain free. It was life changing. Emma’s ability to identify the causative factors of my pain and address them in a pain free, professional manner not only improved my physical well-being but also dramatically improved my state of mind as I was now confident that I was receiving the correct care and moving toward resolution with a care provider who was extremely knowledgeable and intent on resolving the root cause of my pain rather than merely addressing the symptoms.

Emma is an exceptional practitioner and I would have little hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking relief from any type of back pain.